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Zi Owners 


The name, Zi Sculptures originated from Harare, Zimbabwe. Brad and Lara Johnson saw a way to stay connected to where Brad was born and raised. Creating positive employment pathways for the talented sculpture artists from all over the southern African nation.

Based on the Gold and Sunshine Coast and working in partnership with Brad's parents, Mark and Sue Johnson. Zi Sculptures has just begun to showcase the range of amazing creations both in store with suppliers in Queensland and online for all national and international customers. Our Supply is international but we as Zi owners are small Australian business owners who want to showcase quality products for all ages. 

All the talented artists have the option of working as employees from our distributing workshop where they can create and perfect their pieces of recycled art, making every piece authentic and unique, while having all the materials supplied. They can also choose to source their own materials and stay independent sole traders. Both avenues allow them to create a steady income stream in a country where the unemployment rate is 88%.  s. 

"We both have the drive and will to achieve positive change allowing us the potential to grow into a successful Online Recycled Product Store we aim to be today. It’s not just about offering environmentally friendly and socially responsible products, we strive to inform and inspire our communities to embrace a sustainable lifestyle."

Zi Artists


The artists of Zimbabwe have had generations and generations of in their words "making a plan!" This translates in our words to 'If it is to be it is up to me.'

Using their extremely talented hands and fore site they decided to start with using recycled car bonnets, scrap metal offcuts and  44 gallon drums to create flora and fauna  from the vast African plains. So talented are these artists that nearly all of their creations are to scale,  life size replicas of animals such as buffalo, giraffe. An array of  bird species that when created  to scale will look the perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor setting. The flora , from roses, sunflowers and agapanthus to large scale recycled metal cactus. There is no part of your imagination that these talented men and women cannot fulfil. 


Having such a talent and having the means to earn a living through their creations brings all our individual suppliers such enjoyment! Knowing that their products are being seen and purchased all over Australia, making showcases and talking points in peoples homes and businesses everywhere!

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